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Men's thermoactive pants Spokey DRY HI PRO

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 Men's thermoactive pants Spokey DRY HI PRO:
retains the optimal amount of heat, preventing from overheating or cooling down during exercises,
perfectly adheres to the body, thanks to which it does not restrict movement and allows you to freely practice any sport in even the most difficult conditions,
are made of the highest quality Italian TASLAN yarn, which combines the advantages of cotton with the properties of microfiber and finished with a certified antibacterial agent,
it is ECO FRIENDLY model: out of concern for the protection of the environment, produced in the EU with the use of renewable energy sources - solar panels.
Spokey DRY HI PRO men's pants are specially designed thermoactive underwear that provides full comfort during winter sports and any physical activity. When worn, they become your second skin, because they perfectly adhere to the body, effectively transport moisture to the outside and provide excellent ventilation, which prevents the body from overheating or cooling down during exercise. Thanks to this, they maintain the optimal body temperature in even the most extreme winter conditions. The DRY HI PRO thermoactive pants provide maximum freedom of movement, which is why they are perfect for any sports activity.

Thermoactive pants for winter activities fans
DRY HI PRO thermoactive clothing is made of the highest quality Italian TASLAN yarn, which combines the advantages of cotton with the properties of microfiber. As a result, it is much lighter than other materials, e.g. viscose. What's more, it has properties similar to wool and is not allergenic. Men's sports pants also feature certified bactericidal protection that inhibits the formation of unpleasant odors and stains. As a result, DRY HI PRO pants stay fresh longer. Spokey men's thermal clothing is made with the use of solar panels - this is the ECO FRIENDLY model, which supports the environment in terms of ecology.

Freedom and comfort in all conditions
The highest quality yarn, the way it is made and modern technologies used to produce Spokey DRY HI PRO men's thermoactive pants make it the best choice for any physical activity. They are perfect for skiing or snowboarding, for reaching dream mountain peaks or for jogging and winter training. After all, it is breathable sports underwear that provides proper ventilation. With it, every sport can be performed with 100% commitment and true passion! Remember that underwear retains its properties if it is maintained in accordance with the information on the pants.


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